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California Today

by Chris Moody, published

San Diego Union Tribune

1.19 million voters turn out on election day in San Diego County

Exit poll: Black voters back Calif. marriage ban

Gay marriage ban foes take fight to the courts

L.A. Times

Backers focused Prop. 8 battle beyond marriage

Anti-gang measure fails by slim margain

Prop. 2 probably won't hike egg prices

Opinion: After Prop. 8

Sacramento Bee

Calif. redistricting change hinges on uncounted votes

Prop. 4 on parental notification defeated

Massive budget deficit keeps growing, Senate cheif says

Editorial: Propositions: A very mixed bag

Weintraub: State finances are heading for precipice

San Francisco Chronicle

State voters undaunted by bad economy, vote to increase spending

Couples rush to get married on Election Day

Editorial: Courts have legal right to stand up to Prop. 8

Proposition setbacks could cost San Francisco mayor in long term

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