Thank You for Your Comments!

For those of you who have been following the non-partisan
primary initiative
submitted by Steve Peace on September 29th,
you may have heard that it was recently withdrawn from submission.
However, we have received word today that the initiative is merely being
revised, rather than revoked.

According to former Democratic Senator and current Co-Chairman of CAIVP Steve Peace, he was
flooded with comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism after submitting
the initiative. As promised by Peace when the initiative was initially
submitted, he is amending the initiative to reflect public comment. A
final version is scheduled for resubmission in the next few weeks.

Stay in tune at CAIVP, as we will give you detailed up-to-date information on the
status of this initiative, along with non-partisan information and analysis of
other critical issues facing California’s voters.

For more information on the Non-Partisan Primary Initiative, check out this
of the website. Please leave comments to let us know what you
think of the initiative.