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Energy Tax Provisions in the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" October 1, 2008

by Indy, published

Renewables ($9.8b)

  • Production tax credit
  • Business & residential investment credits (solar, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Biodiesel and renewable diesel
  • Clean Renewable Energy Bonds

Vehicles ($1b)

  • Plug-in vehicle credit
  • Auxiliary power units
  • Alternative refueling stations

Conservation/Efficiency ($3.5b)

  • Efficient buildings
  • Smart meters
  • Efficient appliances
  • Conservation Bonds

Carbon Mitigation/Fuels ($2.6b)

  • Clean coal investment credits
  • Black Lung restructuring
  • CO2 sequestration credit
  • Refinery expensing



  • Freeze Section 199 for all oil and gas activity ($4.9b)
  • FUTA surtax extension ($1.5b)
  • FOGEI/FORI ($2.2b)
  • Basis Reporting ($6.7b)
  • Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund ($1.7b)

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