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CAIVP Waterfront Resources

by Indy, published

Introductory Video: CAIVP's Vision for San Diego's Waterfront, January 30, 2007 A new vision for San Diego's waterfront calls on planners to design a cohesive network of public spaces and transportation options, complemented by commercial development, including architectural icons that maximize the enormous potential of our bayfront. January 30, 2007

Presentation: Public session announcing completion of "A Vision for San Diego's Waterfront," Holiday Inn, August 16, 2007 (PDF, about 6.5MB)

Letter: Letter To SANDAG, Port of San Diego, and San Diego County Regional Airport Authority suggesting the value of joining together existing outreach for SANDAG's Regional Transportation Plan, the Port's Maritime Business Plan, and the Airport Authority's visioning process and Airport Master Plan EIR, July 19, 2007 (PDF, about 15KB)

Illustration: Port of San Diego Schematic Design Illustrative Site Plan for 6.5 acres of gardens, 5 acres of plaza area and more than 1,700 trees. (PDF, about 5MB)

Brochure: Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) document provides an overview of the Navy Broad Complex and the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan, August, 2006 (PDF, about 800KB)

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