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Capitol Hill
How the Two-Party System Makes America Less Stable
When I think of Mike Johnson’s position as Speaker of the House, I can’t help but think of a salmon swimming upstream to spawn - struggling against currents and avoiding the jaws of grizzly bears only to get to his final destination and die.
16 April, 2024
Sinema's Exit Could Be Bad News for Democrats -- Here's Why
To many, the 2024 presidential primary has been like the movie Titanic - overly long and ending in a disaster we all saw coming from the start. After months of campaigning and five televised primary debates, Americans are now faced with a rematch between two candidates polling shows a majority of them didn’t want.
19 March, 2024
TikTok Has No Place in the Two-Party Duopoly
The US House of Representatives voted 352-65 Wednesday in favor of a bill (HR 7521) that would ban TikTok, a social media app used by approximately 170 million Americans, if Chinese tech company ByteDance refuses to divest from it.
13 March, 2024
California US Senate Race: What to Expect on March 5
The California primaries are coming up fast. On March 5, Super Tuesday, Californians will go to the polls, but while much of the nation's attention will be on the presidential contest, voters will participate in nonpartisan primaries for all non-presidential races in the state.
14 February, 2024