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Virtual Discussion: The Growing Demand to Give Voters Equal Access to Elections

Created: 19 January, 2023
1 min read

The nonpartisan reform group Open Primaries hosted a virtual discussion Wednesday to talk about the growing demand for primary reform that gives all voters, regardless of political affiliation, an equal and meaningful say in elections.

According to Open Primaries, local movements to reform the primaries have emerged in over a dozen states -- states that limit or completely restrict primary ballot access to members of the Republican and Democratic Parties. As over 90% of elected officials sit in safe seats, these primary elections ultimately decide who wins most races. Yet, millions of voters are denied an opportunity to select who they want to represent them.

Voters can expect to see primary reform on the ballot in 2024.

Open Primaries' discussion, hosted by group president John Opdycke, featured Margaret Kobos of Oklahoma United for Progress, Michael Calcagno of All Oregon Votes, Joe Kirby of South Dakota Open Primaries, and Steve Goldstein of Save Democracy AZ. All of these leaders are working to bring better elections to their respective states.

Watch the full discussion above.