San Diego 2020 Elections: Measure E

Created: 05 September, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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Official Ballot Title for Measure E

Removing 30-Foot Height Limit in Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Area

Official Ballot Question for Measure E

Shall People’s Ordinance O-10960 be amended to exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area, which includes theSports Arena, from the 30-foot height limit on buildings in the Coastal Zone, with any future development still required to comply with other governing laws?

What is Measure E?

If Measure E is approved, the Midway-Pacific Highway Community will be excluded from the People’s Ordinance O-10960, which currently has a 30-foot height limit on buildings in the Coastal Zone. 

Official Ballot Arguments in Favor of Measure E?

Measure E is the catalyst to modernizing the 54-year old Sports Arena and is the key to creating a pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented community with entertainment, shops, and outdoor recreation.

Measure E moves forward already approved community investments including:

  • Housing with affordable options near transit in a community that wants it
  • Walkable and bikeable streets to the San Diego River Park and the Coastal Zone
  • Additional commercial, retail and housing with good playing jobs
  • New park space with outdoor recreation and eating areas

See the rest of the arguments in favor of Proposition E here.

Official Ballot Arguments Against Proposition E

It allows dense construction of unaffordable expensive residential towers. within the coastal zone. This is a step toward dismantling the height-limit along the entire San Diego coastline. Proposition E will incentivize the private acquisition and use of what is now public land.

This scheme means worse freeway congestion, overloaded beach access roads, and no parking.

See the rest of the arguments against Proposition E here.

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Who is Supporting Measure E?

Chris Cate, San Diego Council Member 

Jennifer Campbell, San Diego Council Member 

Cathy Kenton, Midway property owner 

Dike Anyiwo, Midway resident 

Nicole Capretz, executive director for Climate Action Committee

For more information on the supporting side, go to midway2020.com

Who is Opposing Measure E?

John McNab, Save Our Access 

Ronan Gray, chair of the Save San Diego Neighborhoods 

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Alex Leondis, chairman of the 1972 Coastal Height Limit Initiative 

James LaMattery, Raise the Balloon

Read all ballot arguments submitted to the San Diego City Clerk here

Have an opinion on this ballot measure? Tell us what you think in a written or video commentary! Email it to hoa@ivn.us

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