Proposition 19 Will Help Seniors, Californians with Severe Disabilities

Author: Cynde Soto
Created: 01 October, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
1 min read

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I was born with a disability and 13 years ago, I sustained a spinal cord injury, which left me paralyzed from my shoulders down. Even though I am more physically limited now, I am able to continue to work part-time and volunteer in my community.

I have family that live in central California that I would like to live closer to, however, I am unable to do so at this time because the county they live in does not allow homeowners to transfer their tax assessment. When Proposition 19 passes in November, I will have the option to move without having to be concerned with a higher tax assessment.  

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Proposition 19 will allow me, as a person with a significant disability and homeowner, to transfer my tax assessment anywhere within the state of California. I will be able to move to a more expensive home with an upward tax adjustment, as I wish. Because my health continues to deteriorate, I have the need for a larger home to accommodate a live-in home health care provider.

This proposition will also increase the number of times that people over 55 years old or with severe disabilities can transfer their tax assessments, from one to three times.

As our beautiful state of California continues to burn thousands upon thousands of acres of forests, hundreds of homes and buildings continue to be destroyed. Proposition 19 will allocate additional revenue to wildfire agencies and counties, which is desperately needed.

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