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Online vs. In-Person Schooling: Whose Vote Should Count?

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Michael Allman joins host T.J. O’Hara on Deconstructed to discuss the challenges facing public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic and in general. Mr. Allman is a candidate for School Board in California’s San Dieguito Union High School District. He is a local CEO and an experienced board member having chaired numerous public and private boards and as well as chairing several audit committees. Mr. Allman has also been a Founder, President, and Chair of numerous successful technology companies, which he feels uniquely qualifies him to help the school board navigate today’s complicated issues of selecting and implementing technology for distance learning.

He shares his views on the task of delivering a quality education to students during the pandemic: i.e., how school boards should weigh the interests of the students, parents, and teachers versus the political interests of the powerful teachers’ union. Are school boards “following the science” or deferring to the power and monetary influence of the union? Is the best solution a “one size fits all” approach or a more flexible model that takes additional needs into consideration? Find out his opinion during this revealing interview.

Mr. Allman also shares his view of the need for school boards to focus on academic excellence and to take ownership of their budgetary responsibilities. He discusses the current state of public schools and the disparate impact on minority students. T.J. also quizzes him on schools’ “zero tolerance” policies as they are being applied across the country.

The two discuss what role technology needs to play in the necessary evolution of our public schools. Correspondingly, Mr. Allman describes how he has applied Voterfied, the core technology of a company he founded, to expand the voice of the parents and students in the role the school board plays. Learn how limited most school boards’ exposure is to their core constituencies as compared to how great it could be.

Michael Allman provides insight into the current state of our public schools and gives us a glimpse of what they could be. Listen to the interview to gain a greater understanding of what is happening behind the scenes of our public education system.

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TJ O'Hara

T.J. O'Hara is an internationally recognized author, speaker, strategic consultant in private and public sectors and the Principal Political Analyst for IVN.

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