New Campaigns Emerge to Challenge Two-Party Duopoly in 2022

New Campaigns Emerge to Challenge Two-Party Duopoly in 2022

Created: 08 December, 2021
Last update: 14 August, 2022

Pro-voter reformers are gearing up for another massive revolt against the US’s duopolistic political system. At a time when millions are disillusioned with the state of democracy in the country, they offer voters a message of hope.

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) is hosting its annual summit on Friday, December 10, at 2 pm EST to celebrate reform victories in 2021 and prepare for new efforts in the 2022 midterms. Due to the ongoing state of the COVID-19, the summit will be held virtually and is open to both members and non-members to attend.

The solutions discussed will run the gamut of problems that plague US politics, from ending partisan gerrymandering, to open primaries, to alternative voting methods like ranked choice voting and approval voting, to anti-corruption efforts and better regulating money in politics.

NANR is a coalition of several organizations that span the political spectrum and advocate for a broad range of reforms. However, they are united behind the shared goal for solutions that will give voters more competition, choice, accountability, and transparency in elections.

Members include 

  • RepresentUs, the nation’s largest anti-corruption organization; 
  • American Promise, which is seeking a constitutional amendment to allow citizens through their government to regulate money in politics; 
  • Bridge Alliance, another coalition of diverse organizations committed to the revitalization of democracy; 
  • FairVote, the nation’s preeminent advocate of ranked choice voting; 
  • Center for Election Science, which is gaining ground with approval voting;
  •, a leader in the independent voter movement;
  • Independent Voter Project, author of California’s nonpartisan top-two primary, and is dedicated to informing voters about public policy issues and encouraging nonpartisan voters to participate in elections.
  • National Vote At Home Institute, which worked with states across the country to expand access to vote at home options in the 2020 election and continues this effort for future elections;
  • Open Primaries, a movement of diverse Americans who believe all voters, regardless of party, should have a say in taxpayer-funded primary elections;
  • Business For America, a network of business leaders who advocate for better government and elections

And many more.

There are a myriad of problems with our elections that require efforts on many different fronts. However, these organizations know that truly transforming US elections to put voters first will require support from others who desire the same outcome.

The NANR summit is an excellent opportunity to not only learn more about the coalition, but get up to speed on how dozens of organizations are making history each year with election innovations that millions of Americans want to see. Register for the event here.

Also, learn more in the latest podcast episode of Toppling The Duopoly, with guest Andy Moore, the executive director of NANR (listen above).

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