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Leaders Step Up to Offer a Safe Vote in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Created: 22 July, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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The cross-partisan group VoteSafe announced Tuesday that leaders in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have answered the call to ensure all voters have a safe and secure voting option in November. 

The newly-formed state-based coalitions are led by GOP House Majority Leader Dave Reed and former Democratic U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy in Pennsylvania, and Attorney General Josh Kaul and former Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen in Wisconsin.

“It is highly unlikely that polling locations will operate as usual in November, or that the voting experience will be anything close to normal, given the lingering effects of COVID-19,” said Reed, co-chairman of VoteSafe PA

“We need to do all we can to ensure Pennsylvania voters have accessible, secure mail-in ballots and safe, in-person voting sites. The health and safety of Pennsylvanians is paramount, so every voter feels protected and safe to participate in the upcoming General Election.”

“I believe it is imperative that voters don’t have to choose between preserving their health and voting,” said Kaul, co-chairman of VoteSafe WI and a Democrat who has served as Attorney General since 2019. “We are here to stand in support of principles that can help ensure every eligible voter has an opportunity to participate in this important election.”

Efforts in both states are operating under the umbrella of VoteSafe, which is calling on all elections administrators and public officials to sign on to the organizations principles:

  • All voters should have the option to receive accessible, secure mail-in ballots AND safe in-person voting sites.
  • Congress needs to ensure all states have the resources needed to adequately protect their voters and elections administrators.

VoteSafe is chaired by former Secretary of Homeland Security and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge (R) and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D).

The Wisconsin and Pennsylvania coalitions join VoteSafe Michigan, which launched in May.