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IVP Attorney Talks Party Control over Elections

Author: Dan Schaefer
Created: 22 June, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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This evening we talk with Chad Peace, legal advisor for the Independent Voter Project. The Independent Voter Project (IVP) is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization that seeks to re-engage nonpartisan voters and promote nonpartisan election reform through initiatives, litigation, and voter education. IVP works with organizations around the country to reduce the institutional barriers that limit electoral competition and restrict the nonpartisan right to vote, thus insulating the two major parties from competition. The IVP believes that democracy functions best when most people participate. They also believe that political representatives should be held accountable to their entire community, not just their party.

Chad Peace is a nationally recognized leader in election law, voter rights, and a 40 under 40 winner from the American Association of Political Consultants. He is a partner at the law firm of Peace & Shea LLP and legal strategist for the Independent Voter Project. In addition to providing strategic legal advice and advocacy, he has managed and developed campaigns to increase voter rights and participation, to promote and expand California’s nonpartisan primary efforts, and to reach out to otherwise ignored and disenchanted voters. Chad developed the voter outreach strategy for California’s successful nonpartisan primary initiative and conducted the campaign to draft a current United States Senator to run for office. Most recently, he authored the City of San Diego’s Measure K and manages voter outreach efforts in local, statewide, and national efforts, including a major candidate for president of the United States.