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IVN San Diego Poll: Residents Reveal Local Priorities

Created: 29 September, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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California based IVN.us and Washington, D.C. based TheFulcrum.us are the nation’s leading nonpartisan news and information publications focused primarily on political reform and related public policy.

To launch IVN San Diego, we did something that might seem unusual: We surveyed San Diegans to find out what they thought about the news industry and how they’d like us to improve it.

We received more than 1,800 completed surveys and represent the viewpoints from residents of all San Diego communities and political persuasions. 

Here’s what San Diegans had to say:

On Media Trust

KPBS tops the list with Fox News and CNN coming in second and third, respectively.

What news should IVN San Diego Cover?

More than half of San Diego residents polled want us to focus on San Diego’s 2020 election, the new economy, public safety issues and news at the neighborhood level.

What’s Wrong with the News Today?

When forced to choose just one, almost half of San Diegans polled said that news media bias is the biggest problem with news today.

IVN.us is proud to be rated “center” by AllSides.com and “unbiased” with “high” level of factual reporting by MediaFactCheck.org, the nation’s leading media ratings services. We maintain this rating by providing an open platform for participation, and adherence to our simple etiquette:

  1. No personal attacks
  2. No partisan attacks
  3. Substantiate sources
  4. No self-promotion 

This is the same approach we are bringing to San Diego.

On Political Ideology

Survey respondents, a true representation of the people of San Diego, span the political spectrum.

As an open news platform, IVN San Diego also provides local organizations, community leaders, and anyone interested in elevating the public policy conversation an opportunity to publish unfiltered news, bound by a simple etiquette, not an ideology.

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