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How to Break the Two-Party Duopoly (with IVN Editor Shawn Griffiths)

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This episode's conversation is with Independent Voter News' National Editor, Shawn Griffiths. Shawn is an election reform expert with years of experience in providing unbiased and non-partisan political news and fighting for reform. Jim and Shawn have an in-depth discussion about what IVN is doing, and Shawn explains some reform concepts like open primaries and ranked choice voting. Whether you're on the right, the left, or politically homeless, listen in to find out how you can help break America's duopolistic corruption before it's too late.i

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Independent Riot

James Duncan is a fierce advocate for independent-thinking in politics, the author of the "Independent's Guide to Overthrowing the Two-Party System" host of the "Independent Riot" podcast, and publishes on Medium @independme.

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