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Homeland Security's Role In 2020 And Ending Voter Confusion In CA's Presidential Primary

Created: 20 June, 2019
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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Worried about election security? Does the party-focused primary system leave you confused about your voting rights? Will we run into the same issues we saw in 2016 that disenfranchised and frustrated millions of voters in 2020?

In the latest episode of "Topping The Duopoly," host Shawn Griffiths talks with Kammi Foote, the chief election administrator in Inyo County, California.

Kammi took part in Homeland Security cybersecurity training ahead of the 2020 presidential election as the country prepares for the possibility of another attempt by foreign governments and institutions to interfere in the outcome.

Shawn and Kammi talk about what this partnership between federal law enforcement agencies and election administrators means for future elections. They also discuss the administrative burdens that result from the confusing and unconstitutional semi-closed presidential primary process in California, and how the simple, fair, and easy solution provided by the Independent Voter Project would impact the elections process.

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The Independent Voter Project will make a major announcement in the coming weeks on its plans to give California voters an equal and meaningful vote in presidential primaries. Stay tuned, thanks for listening, and as always... stay independent.

Photo Credit: znakki / shutterstock.com