Breonna Taylor Rally: Why San Diegans Are Protesting

Created: 25 September, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
1 min read

Protesters throughout the U.S. marched this week after a Kentucky grand jury determined it would not bring charges against Louisville officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman and health care worker.

Taylor is just one of many Black Americans who have been shot by police officers in recent months, prompting protesters to demand for racial justice and police reform and accountability.

IVN San Diego went out to a rally in downtown to ask protesters one question: Why are you protesting? Here's what they said.

"I refuse to let my son grow up in an America where he's not safe because of the color of his skin." — Bonnie B.
"I want to be able to say, when the moment presented itself, I was able to recognize it and do the right thing." — Trevor B.
"It's as simple as Black Lives Matter." — Lauren Gaw
"There is no accountability or transparency (within law enforcement)." — Grim
" (I'm) sick and tired of the lack of value of Black American lives." — Taylor
"(I'm protesting) because things need to change." — Emma S.
"(I'm protesting) to protect Brown and Black people from police brutality and racism in America." — Maya A.
"(I'm protesting) to pay reparations as a white woman for my ancestors." Autumn M.
"We are members of the American Nurses Association of California.
According to the code of ethics, we are obligated to advocate against racial injustices because it is a public health issue." — Danisha Jenkins
"(I'm protesting) for Breonna Taylor." — Demetrius G.

There are more voices out there than those who protested or those who we see on television. Do you have a viewpoint that hasn't been discussed in the news? Let's hear it! Email it to hoa@ivn.us.

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