Annual Maui Conference Yields Frank Policy Discussion of California Politics

Annual Maui Conference Yields Frank Policy Discussion of California Politics

Created: 17 November, 2011
Last update: 14 August, 2022

What is the conference?

The Independent Voter Project legislative exchange conference is an annual event that began in the 1980s. The goal of the conference is to bring together policy makers, policy experts, and business leaders to have the open and honest conversations.  These conversations are increasingly difficult to have around the capitol culture that rewards partisanship and punishes compromise.

Each day, policy panels, presentations, and workshops are conducted at the conference. What distinguishes this conference from other political gatherings is the special focus on working directly with members of the legislature that are traditionally on opposite sides of the isle.

Who attends?

IVP invites legislators from all around the country to attend the conference. In addition, business leaders from a wide range of industries including healthcare, public safety, bio-technology, energy, and more participate in the discussions. While the attendees change from year to year, the goal remains the same: bring policy makers and experts together, give them an opportunity to discuss issues directly, and come up with practical and positive resolutions.

Why hold the conference in Maui?

For 30 years, the conference has been held in Maui. The convention is held off the mainland in large part because the location is away from the partisan focused media and political machines.  It is also a desirable location for legislators and policymakers to bring their families.

In addition to the Maui convention, IVP holds conferences throughout the year in various parts of California.

Why isn’t the press invited?

The press is not invited to the annual conference to ensure that the conversation is focused on policy discussions and solutions instead of political posturing and grandstanding. IVP is and always has been cooperative and prompt with media inquiries, and will be posting the content of the presentations on this website.

Who pays for the conference?

The conference is paid for by IVP, a non-profit 501(c)4, most well known for authoring the “Open Primary” initiative that passed in 2010.

Absolutely no taxpayer dollars are used to fund the conference and all payments are reported in full to the FPPC.

What topics are covered?

Presentations and workshops are given by experts in alternative energy, technology and telecommunications, business and economic development, public safety and corrections, and healthcare reform.

If you are interested in additional information from the conference, we have attached presentations given at the conference below.

IVP Introduces the Independent Voter Network: Presentation

IVP Introduces the Online Independent Voter Preference Survey:

Independent Voter Preference Survey Presentation

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