Kevin Beiser Bombshell: San Diego Unified Trustee Accused of Rape

Update: Kevin Beiser has sent the following statement to IVN:

“We were first made aware of these allegations less than 24 hours ago. There is no truth to these allegations. We believe they are politically motivated and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves.” -Kevin Beiser

San Diego, Calif.- San Diego Unified school board member Kevin Beiser, sodomized a campaign worker in 2013 and continued to abuse the San Diego man over the next five years, according to a bombshell lawsuit filed Monday in San Diego Superior Court.

Gilleon Lawsuit:

The alleged victim, who also served as Beiser’s campaign manager and ran for San Diego City Council in 2016, has also named Beiser’s spouse, Dan Mock, for not taking steps to protect him at the couple’s home.

The alleged victim has been identified, but his attorney, Dan Gilleon, has asked the court to put that version of the complaint under seal.

In court documents Gilleon wrote, “It should be noted that the redacted complaint — which would be public — is exactly the same as the complaint to be sealed, except that it uses a fictitious name for the plaintiff, John Doe.”

Gilleon has told media outlets that if the court so orders, “the complaint will remain sealed so theoretically [the alleged victim’s] name will never become public record.”

There is concern Beiser will attack the victim and “make up all sorts of nefarious reasons why he’s bringing the lawsuit. It’s what sexual predators do.”

The Suit Details

The suit reads from January to November 2014, Beiser created a sexually offensive and hostile work environment at campaign headquarters, his Serra Mesa home.

The plaintiff alleges:

  • Sat next to him on the couch and tried to seduce him.
  • Offered to take him into a back room and give him a full body massage.
  • Solicited oral sex.
  • Offered him drinks and marijuana, saying: “You’re way more fun when you’re drunk.”
  • And invited him to take off his clothes and join Beiser and other gay men in the pool and “infamous hot tub.”

Beiser has not responded to requests for comment from IVN.

Call For Resignation

The San Diego Democrats for Equality released a statement calling for Beisner’s resignation. The San Diego County Democratic Party is expected to issue a formal statement Tuesday regarding the matter.

Here is the statement signed by Will Rodriguez-Kennedy and Ryan Trabuco:

“First, and foremost, sexual harassment and assault will not be accepted or tolerated by the San Diego Democrats for Equality. The action and behavior that has been alleged against San Diego Unified School Board President and Trustee Kevin Beiser stand in direct conflict with the values of our Democratic club. We are deeply disappointed and offended that any elected official — especially a member of our LGBTQ community — would behave and act so inappropriately in the manner alleged against Mr. Beiser. The San Diego Democrats for Equality stand on the side of justice and support for those survivors and victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. In light of these serious allegations, we will be bringing forth an emergency resolution calling for Mr. Beiser to resign.” 
The San Diego County Democratic Party issued the following statement:
“Whether it’s sexual harassment, assault or abuse. And we will take swift action against any public official who uses their position or their power to abuse other people. We are not a judicial body; what we are is a political body. This is a statement of our values. We believe that someone who is accused of this will not have the faith of the public to execute their duties and …. therefore should step down and address this and have their day in court.”