Rep. Gabbard Continues Tweet Firestorm Against President Trump

Created: 26 November, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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Washington, D.C. - Tulsi Gabbard is keeping the focus and political pressure on President Trump's foreign policy in the Middle East.

Rep. Gabbard, who represents Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District, fired off a much-publicized tweet before Thanksgiving that focused on President Trump and Saudi Arabia after agents of the Saudi Arabian government assassinated journalist and Washington Post columnist Ahmad Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018.


Gabbard has followed up that tweet with a new series, see below, focusing opposition of America’s support of the Saudi-led civil war in Yemen.

Now in it's the third year of intense conflict, Saudi Arabia and its allies have bombarded Houthi rebels in the country with air strikes. Tens of thousands have been killed in the Arab world's poorest nation which is now plagued with famine.


As is true with many politicians, Gabbard takes to Twitter to share her statements on timely issues.

The 37-year-old Iraq War veteran is said to be considering a 2020 presidential run. Gabbard’s close advisor, Rania Batrice said, “I think everybody is focused on 2018, but we will see what happens after that, someone like Tulsi, with her experience, is an important voice in the party and the country.”

After Gabbard won her House seat in 2012 and became the first Hindu to serve in Congress, she won popularity among independent voters for her strong stance against partisanship. Her book, due out this spring titled, “Is Today the Day?: Not Another Political Memoir”, is another strong signal that she is gearing up for the next campaign season.

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