Missouri Voters Ban Most Lobbyist Gifts, Vote to End Gerrymandering

Created: 07 November, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI - Clean Missouri celebrated a landslide victory Tuesday night. Their comprehensive good government proposal -- Amendment 1 -- was approved by 62% of state voters.

Amendment 1 isn't just about money in politics or special interest influence or gerrymandering, but the negative impact all of those things have on the political process. The amendment:

  • Bans nearly all gifts from lobbyists (placing a limit of $5);
  • Requires lawmakers to wait two years before becoming lobbyists;
  • Requires legislative records to be open to the public;
  • Establishes contribution limits for legislative candidates -- $2,500 for state senate candidates and $2,000 for state house candidates;
  • Puts in measures to prevent groups from working around contribution caps and bars fundraising on state capitol grounds; and
  • Establishes a nonpartisan redistricting process with a nonpartisan expert to draw the legislative map and a citizens' commission to review it. The amendment puts in specific guidelines to ensure the person hired by the state auditor meets the qualifications and criteria for the role.

It was the most comprehensive good government amendment on the ballot in the US, and the scope of issues it covers didn't dissuade or confuse voters from supporting it.

“We are thrilled that Republicans, Democrats, and independents came together to clean up Missouri politics,” said Nimrod “Rod” Chapel, Jr, President of the NAACP Missouri State Chapter and Treasurer of Clean Missouri. "Thousands of Missourians from across the state came together to put Amendment 1 on the ballot, and then thousands more joined the fight to pass Amendment 1. It's truly a great day for Missouri."

The provisions in the amendment will take effect as soon as the election results are certified. The new redistricting process will go into effect after the 2020 census when new legislative maps will need to be drawn.

Photo Credit: Hajrudin / shutterstock.com

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