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AL Secretary of State John Merrill: "Pull That Elephant Tail, Vote All Republicans"

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 01 November, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
1 min read

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It's not often a Secretary of State so blatantly endorses one of the two major parties, but that's the midterm mania in Alabama.

Secretary of State John Merrill has certainly raised eyebrows in the Heart of Dixie with his ringing endorsement of the GOP, in fact, Merrill begs voters to go "all red" on midterm Tuesday.

In the video posted above, Merrill implores Alabama voters to, "Go in the ballot booth and pull the red elephant tail, voting for ALL the Republicans, we need your help and your support in making sure there's a red tidal wave, we'll see you at the polls!"

Should be noted, Merrill is on the ballot and running against Democrat Heather Milam.

Alabama Voter Purge Battle

Since 2015, Alabama has put over 1.1 million new voters on the rolls according to Merrill, with over 3.4 million total registered voters.

The state has also removed some 650,000 voters. Candidates, including Mallory Hagan who is running for Congress, have questioned the process of purging those rolls.

Merrill is predicting turnout somewhere around 35% to 40% for Tuesday. That would be higher than 2014 when Governor Robert Bentley was re-elected.

"There are a number of people who are interested in the races. And yet the enthusiasm is not nearly as high as it has been before for the US Senate special election in December of last year. Or for the presidential election in 2016, when we broke every record in the history of the state for participation,” said Merrill.