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IVN and Ballotpedia Meet and Trade Numbers...Polling Numbers

by Lindsay France, published

In California, Proposition 8 and Proposition 10 are both ranking very high on both Ballotpedia's page views.  Ballotpedia's Sarah Rosier and IVN's Lindsay France take a look at the politics involved with the help of IVN's 2018 Voter Survey. Check out the methodology here.

Also, a few major independent candidates are getting traction online and in polls; California's Steve Poizner and Kansas's Greg Orman are political veterans who are turning the game on its head and gaining massive support.

Plus, SCOTUS has recently taken two new cases you need to watch if the 4th branch of government, "Administrative State," means anything to you. Keeping with that idea would be remiss not to address the talk over who may have leaked the letter in the Kavanaugh-Ford- Feinstein case, so we did.

And Rosier breaks down the fake news about a real "wave" election and whether we are bound to get one this year.



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