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Measure D Will Do For County What Measures K&L Did For City of San Diego

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 04 October, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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San Diego County Measure D Ballot Statement:

INITIATIVE MEASURE PROPOSING CHARTER AMENDMENTS REQUIRING ALL ELECTIONS FOR SAN DIEGO COUNTY ELECTIVE OFFICES TO BE HELD AT A GENERAL ELECTION AND REQUIRING ADOPTION OF LOCAL REGULATIONS RELATING TO WRITE-IN CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY ELECTIVE OFFICEShall this initiative measure, proposing county charter amendments requiring all elections for San Diego County elective Offices to be held at a general election and requiring adoption of local regulations relating to write-in candidates for county elective office, be adopted?

San Diego, CA. - Measure D would do for the County of San Diego what Measures K and L do for the City of San Diego, that is, allow for the biggest civic decisions to be made when the most voters are participating, which is clearly the November General election, not the June primary.

Jeff Marston is the co-chair of the Independent Voter Project. Marston told IVN, "Currently, unlike state, federal, and San Diego City elections (because of the passage of Measure L in 2016) the County 50%+1 election loophole allows special interests to elect their candidates when fewer voters are involved in the decision-making process."

The County’s current election system allows the status quo to have more influence in the June election, leaving many voters out of the process.

For example, in 2016 around 775,000 people voted in the June Primary, while 1,345,000 participated in the November General.

Did You Know? Many San Diego County politicians stay in office for decades because they get re-elected in low-turnout primary elections. 

This election cycle is a great example: 4 of the 6 top spots in the County have already been decided at the primary election phase.

The "San Diegans for Full Voter Participation" committee is backing the passage of Measure D with major funding coming from the SEIU Local 221.

The San Diego Republican party is opposing Measure D.

As noted in our reporting, Measure D, the Full Voter Participation Act, hasn't been the smoothest running political operation. From Sacramento to San Diego, the initiative has had its issues, but nevertheless, ultimately, helped by a superior court judge, it is on the ballot.