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Independent Candidate Picks Up Momentum in 4-Way Governor's Race

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

AUBURN, MAINE - The Hayes for Maine campaign announced Tuesday that independent state treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Terry Hayes has surpassed 6,800 donors, and has gained new endorsements in the 4-way race for Maine governor.

Hayes is the only candidate in the race running a clean elections campaign. Instead of fundraising the traditional way, she is asking Maine voters to make $5 contributions to the state's Clean Elections fund. Hayes receives matching funds when she submits enough qualifying contributions.

“My campaign is backed by Maine voters, and not wealthy out-of-state political action committees. I’ve never participated in a negative ad, and I never will,” added Hayes.

“I reject the dark money from anonymous special interests and mega donors that is flooding into our state to keep business as usual in Augusta, and I invite my fellow Mainers who feel the same way to vote differently on November 6 and let’s fix this.”

The Clean Elections Fund is popular among Maine voters. It was approved twice at the ballot box. The fund for the current election cycle was threatened as a result of a typo in the budget. Maine Governor Paul LePage wanted to deny clean elections campaigns money promised to them, but a judge ordered committed funds to be paid out.

Terry Hayes has also picked up several endorsements from current and former policymakers across the political spectrum, including Reps. Kent Ackley (I-Monmouth), Owen Casas (I-Rockport), Rep. Marty Grohman (I-Biddeford), Hon. Kerri Bickford (R-Topsham), Sen. Dennis Damon ( D-Trenton), and more.

“I am honored to have the support of voters from across the political spectrum who are sick and tired of the partisan bickering and gridlock in Augusta,” said Hayes.

“I’m a uniter, not a divider, and I am running for Governor to offer Maine voters the choice of a leader who talks straight, tells the truth, puts people over partisanship, and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done.”

Hayes is running against Republican Shawn Moody, Democrat and state Attorney General Janet Mills, and independent Alan Caron. Maine voters will decide who they want to be their next governor on November 6.

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