3 Independent Female Candidates to Watch This Election

Created: 21 September, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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As of August 2018, there were 423 third party and independent candidates who filed or declared congressional runs, compared to 1,185 Democrats and 1,034 Republicans. Of these 423 individuals, there are numerous women who are making congressional runs this 2018. Here are three notable independent female candidates to watch this upcoming November:

Alyse Galvin

As a result of an Alaska state court decision in late 2017, independent candidate Alyse Galvin was able to compete in the 2018 Democratic primary for U.S. House and went on to win the nomination. While the Cook Political Report has rated Alaska’s single congressional district as being likely Republican with incumbent Don Young as the representative since 1973, the registered voters in the state may say otherwise.

The combined amount of nonpartisan and unaffiliated registered voters make up a clear majority of the voting population at 57.12%. Alaska also has elected independent candidates in the past, with the state’s current governor being independent Bill Walker. Galvin identifies as a lifelong Alaskan, grassroots organizer, and a political outsider.

Some of her campaign’s main objectives that may lead to independents flocking to Galvin’s side in November include consolidating solutions in order to avoid partisan bickering, diversifying the Alaskan economy, and strengthening the education system by improving access to federal funding.

Galvin is also focused on the harsh effects of global climate change on Alaska’s wildlife and is prepared to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Ann Diamond

Dr. Ann Diamond is running as an independent for the 12th Legislative District of the state of Washington. Washington Independents, an organization that aims to reshape and reform our political system by supporting centrist candidates who put country and state ahead of partisanship, has taken a special interests in Diamond’s campaign.

In August 2018, Washington Independents endorsed Diamond and wrote:

“Partisanship is a disease that has infected our politics, and we believe Dr. Diamond can be part of the cure as an independent leader in the Washington legislature. Dr. Diamond represents true public service that puts people ahead of partisan and special interests. We are excited to do all we can to support her candidacy.”

Unite America, another organization focused on bridging the partisan divide, has also endorsed Diamond. Diamond worked for 24 years as a successful physician before deciding she now had the time and opportunity to serve her community even further as a state representative.

Her campaign platform consists of increasing access to affordable health care by negotiating lower medication prices, providing more job opportunities by expanding education and training programs, and being more transparent with how tax money is being spent.

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Diamond faces Republican Keith Goehner in November, after the two advanced from Washington’s nonpartisan, top-two primary with 30.4% and 44.7% of the vote, respectively. Check out IVN's interview with Ann Diamond at the Unite Summit in August:


Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes is Maine’s first independent state treasurer and is running to become Maine’s governor in 2018. Hayes is also a Clean Elections candidate, meaning she could only accept extremely limited private contributions at the beginning of her campaign.

In order to participate, Hayes had to demonstrate community support through collecting a minimum number of checks or money orders of $5 payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund. As a Clean Elections candidate and an independent, Hayes is neither indebted to a political party nor the special interests of wealthy campaign donors.

A few key points of her campaign consist of harnessing Maine’s natural resources in order to leverage them into new jobs and promote economic growth. Hayes wants to work toward a plan for strengthening Maine’s economy by improving Maine’s infrastructure and communication networks, which she believes are dated and in desperate need of funding.

Another important subject to tackle is Maine’s health care, which Hayes would like to focus on by devising a public health plan that will educate and motivate Mainers to live healthier lives. Hayes will faces Democratic candidate Janet Mills, Republican Shawn Moody, and independent Alan Caron in the general election on November 6.

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