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10 Facts About Donald Trump You Didn't Know

Created: 21 September, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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1. 2016 Wasn't The First Time Donald Trump Ran for President

In 2012, Donald Trump made a brief appearance in the Republican primary, dipping his toe into the water, so to speak, and getting an idea for what it would be like to run. He formed an exploratory committee and even polled in second place behind Mitt Romney very early on in 2011 before bowing out, probably because he knew better than to try to run against Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

2. 2012 Wasn't The First Time He Ran for President Either

In 2000, Donald Trump ran for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, announcing his exploratory committee for the bid in October 1999 on Larry King Live. It was a good year for the Reform Party because Ross Perot's 1996 vote totals qualified it for federal matching funds and ballot access. Trump eventually dropped out of the race despite strong showings in Michigan and California, and Pat Buchanan went on to receive the nomination.

3. 2000 Wasn't The First Time Trump Thought About Running For President

In 1987, Republican political organizer Mike Dunbar, unimpressed with the slate of GOP candidates, started the Draft Trump campaign and talked Donald Trump into speaking at an even for Republican candidates in New Hampshire. People thought Trump might run when he took out full page ads in major newspapers with the heading: "There’s nothing wrong with America’s Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can’t cure."

4. Donald Trump Used to Be A Democrat

At the time Dunbar was talking to Trump about running for the Republican presidential nomination, he was actually a registered Democrat. Because he was not only receptive, but very interested in the idea of running for president at the time, Trump switched parties and registered as a Republican in the summer of 1987.

5. Trump Wanted Oprah Winfrey to Be His Vice President

When he ran for the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000, Donald Trump announced his proposed cabinet would include Oprah Winfrey as vice president, Colin Powell as secretary of state (who would go on to serve that role in the Bush administration), former General Electric CEO Jack Welch as secretary of the Treasury, John McCain as secretary of defense, and US Rep. Charlie Rangel as secretary of HUD.

6. In 1999, Trump Wanted To Wipe Out The National Debt With A One-Time Tax on The Wealthiest Americans

In 1999, Trump proposed a one-time tax of 14.25% on individuals with a net worth $10 million or more and claimed that it would raise $5.7 trillion, which can wipe out the national debt.

7. Trump Is A Penny Pincher

SPY Magazine once did an experiment and sent several of the world’s richest people checks for just 13 cents each to see if anybody would actually cash them. The only ones who did were a wealthy arms dealer – and Donald Trump.

8. Donald Trump's Agent Told Him Not To Do "The Apprentice"

Donald's agent told him not to do The Apprentice because "business shows never work." Trump fired the agent shortly after the show took off. Trump would go on to make $375,000 per episode of the show, and after six seasons, signed on for The Celebrity Apprentice.

9. Donald Trump Has Never Used an ATM Machine

It's true. The current president of the United States has never used an ATM machine. At least that's what he claimed once on an appearance with Conan O'Brien. He probably just has an assistant run to the bank for him.

10. Donald Trump Has Never Had a Drink of Alcohol in His Life

A lot of people claim they could have become billionaire real estate and television celebrity moguls if only they had received a million dollar loan from a rich father, but what many people don't know is that, Donald Trump had an older brother with the same advantages as him, but Donald made it all the way to the White House in life, and his brother, Fred Trump, died from alcoholism almost 40 years ago(!) in 1981. Donald learned from his brother's mistakes and never drank, smoked cigarettes, or did drugs once in his life. He had a zeal for achievement, not bad habits and fleeting pleasures.