Exclusive: Sports Arena No Longer Valley View Casino Center

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 12 September, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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"In the next month we will make the announcement of a new naming rights partner." ~ Ernie Hahn, General Manager Valley View Casino Center

San Diego, CA.- In an exclusive interview on IVN Beyond The Headlines, Valley View Casino Center General Manager Ernie Hahn announced that come October, the arena will have a new name.

Hahn made the comments during a wide-ranging interview where he discussed the changes to the arena for 2019, the possibilities of a new building downtown, which plan for Mission Valley he thinks is best for the community, and the importance of community activism.

As for the name change Hahn said, "We're working on a new naming rights partner our deal with Valley View is up and we have a new naming rights partner that we will announce in the next month."

The full interview with Hahn will be posted in the coming days.

Hahn on AEG & City of San Diego Lease Negotiations

"We came to agreement with AEG. We're in that process now of exercising that opportunity for beyond 2020 with our agreement. As it relates to the City of San Diego, we've been working with them for the better part of a year, back and forth, we're in the process of finalizing a couple things that they wanted done, to get to the point where we can take it to the City Council hopefully around December time to get approved for a 3 year extension."

Hahn on Changing the 30-Foot Height Ordinance For District

"For a developer to take on a height ordinance I think is a really tough thing, I think it needs to go back to the core of the city itself, so if the city wants to make that area better, then the city needs to come up with some kind of initiative to do that and get it entitled." Hahn continued, "If they do that, the city would get much more for the land, the quality of the district gets much better. The only way you are going to see parks and green spaces and all the things that really, this area should over time, is you gotta be able to go up with density, to eliminate that height ordinance, otherwise it's just going to be big box users who are trying to maximize the value of the land with that limitation. If you can go up, then you can bring 1/2 acre parks and great community character. I think the city wants to change the ordinance."

Hahn said the city has a "major plan" for the area and want to move forward over time, with an understanding the arena needs to stay the arena until a new one is built.

Hahn on Gulls and Seals Seasons

"We're excited for the coming months and 2019. The Gulls are back starting in October and Lacrosse is coming in. The Seals play 10 home games starting in December, Steve Govett and his team with Joe Tsai sports, they have an incredible team, I know how these guys feel about Lacrosse, about winning, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Seals do extremely well, have great attendance figures, we're super excited about it. Gulls drop the puck in October and then the Sockers pick it up in December. It's great we're going to have 130 events this year and do another 40 concerts and the Lakers preseason game, which is the first time Lebron James will be in a Lakers uniform, that's on September 30."

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