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Place Your Bets: Predictit Offers Bettors Wager on Duncan Hunter Jr.

by Jeff Powers, published

San Diego, CA.- For those not familiar with the political betting site Predictit, now might be a good time to acquaint yourself.

The site allows bettors to place wages on just about anything political, from races, to approval ratings to how many times the White House will tweet on any given day.

Now the site is weighing in on the Duncan Hunter Jr. situation, where Hunter and his wife have been indicted for misusing campaign funds.

Predictit asks the question: Will Duncan Hunter be re-elected to the House of Reps from CA's 50th district?

Despite the indictment, Predictit is trending right along the lines with recent polling that shows Hunter will survive the court action and win in November:

IVN caught up with Will Jennings from Predictit to learn more about the site and what goes into the questions available for bettors. Have a listen!

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