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Independent Voter Revolt Takes Monumental Leaps in 2018

Created: 21 August, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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In the latest episode of "In Full Color," I talk with Independent Voting President Jackie Salit, who has spent several years advancing election reform policies and working outside the two major parties to effect change for a better democratic process.

Jackie and Shawn discuss the historic growth in independent activism following the 2016 elections, where Salit says a voter rebellion began with the popularity of candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Now, Jackie says the independent movement is in the process of establishing its identity in a year that has seen increased voter registration outside the major parties; record-number of independent candidates running; bigger, stronger coalitions forming to challenge the two-party duopoly; and more!

The podcast was recorded during the first-ever Unite Summit in Denver, Colorado. The event was hosted by Unite America, a national organization that is providing structural and financial support for independent candidates to run competitive campaigns.

More than 250 independent candidates, activists, organization leaders, reformers, and more gathered to discuss the future of a nationwide political shift that can be best summed up as a rejection of the two-party status quo.

For more information about Jackie Salit and Independent Voting, visit IndependentVoting.org. Also, be sure to check out Jackie's monthly column on IVN, The Neo-Independent.

Let us know what you think about the growing independent movement, election reform efforts, or whatever is on your mind in the comment section below.

Thanks for listening and as always... stay independent!