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End Citizens United Now A Politically Ideological Organization?

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 21 August, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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The 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United ruling opened the door for money to flood into political campaigns.

Fight For Reform was established as "A State Level Project To End Citizens United," and stem the tide of that money pouring into politics. The group has advocated for the better part of a decade aiming to get money out of politics, and make our government truly representative. One of their cornerstone missions is to "Defeat Corrupt Politicians."

But a recent blast email from the group, brings questions of their real intentions.

Check out their request below:

Campaign To Elect Progressive Judges

The email requests money for a campaign to elect Progressive Judges, an effort to combat President Trump's conservative judiciary push.

It certainly begs the question: Why is End Citizens United now an anti-Trump advocacy organization to elect progressive judges?

Trump's Judiciary

It's true, President Trump has spent his first year rapidly filling Article III judgeships at Supreme, appellate and District Court levels.

In fact a data analysis found Trump is ranked No. 6 of 19 presidents appointing the highest number of federal judges in their first year.

Fight For Reform is now using this data for a fundraising campaign.

Fight For Reform Video

"This takes the interest of government away from actual citizens, actual people and puts it almost entirely in the interests of corporations." ~ Concerned taxpayer

The video pushes the idea that if we all work together and unite, we can take back our government. Certainly few would argue against that concept.

But the email request conveys that the organization is content with "progress," so long as it reaffirms their political ideology.

Getting money out of politics isn't a blue or red or green or purple strategy, it's an important message that gets dimished when a groups ideological interests interferes with their "mission."