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Virginia Republican: "Ranked Choice Voting Most Superior Voting Method in US"

Author: Fair Vote
Created: 24 July, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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 In an op-ed for the online site “The Bull Elephant,” Caroline County (Va.) Republican Party member Steven Brodie Tucker writes, “Ranked Choice Voting, or Instant Run-Off Voting, is by far the most superior method of electing representatives available in the United States…”
Tucker wrote ranked choice voting (RCV) would “grow the Republican Party” because more voters would be willing to participate in Party politics “if they felt that their voice actually mattered.” He asked the point of having Constitution, Libertarian or Whig parties in his state of Virginia “if all these folks could have a more meaningful seat at the Republican Table.”As we've been saying, ranked choice voting leads to more voices being heard during RCV elections.Tucker’s direct, concluding statement was an appeal to his fellow Virginians to adopt RCV:

“No single change to our voting system would have a more profound and positive impact on our politics than Ranked Choice Voting. I know that most of the people in power will oppose this, but that is all the more reason for us to demand they accept and support it.”

Read the op-ed here.Editor's Note: This post originally published on FairVote's website, and has been shared in its entirety on IVN.