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Greg Orman: Plan for Good Government Requires Independence from Parties

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

OLATHE, KANSAS - Greg Orman, independent candidate for Kansas governor, and his running mate, State Sen. John Doll, released the first of eight detailed policy proposals Thursday that are part of the campaign's Problem Solving Platform. The title of the proposal: “Making Government Work For The People Again.”

According to Orman's campaign, the number one priority is to ensure that the Kansas state government works for the people first.

“​What we’ve had in Topeka is a government dedicated to serving itself and shutting out Kansas citizens from the problem-solving process,” said Orman.

“We Kansans are at the cusp of reclaiming our state from further damage by political tribalism and nationally driven agendas, and we can and will become a shining example of what a state can do when its public and private sectors, and most importantly, its citizens pull together to build a better future.”

The plan outlines four major priorities that include over a dozen promises and targeted reforms. These priorities are to:

  • Create a government that serves and listens to the people;
  • Create an accountable, transparent government;
  • Reclaim the government from special interests; and
  • Create a culture of involvement, innovation, and common sense.

 Check out the full plan here.

"I will employ a collaborative and open approach to leading Kansas into the future that ensures our government is working for the people, not special interests or national party agendas," says Orman.

"We will leave behind the political animosity and partisan gridlock that has been holding us back for far too long. I will focus on the following four priorities to make sure that the government of Kansas is working for the people again."

From legal and political battles over the school budget to misappropriation of highway funds to voters being illegally purged from the voter rolls, the Kansas government has had no shortage of problems over the last few years. And it has attracted national attention.

Orman's campaign says his Problem Solving Platform will address many of the challenges that have emerged as a result of special interest-driven, party-first politics in Kansas, including needed reforms in economic development, health care, education, and more.

On the election reform front, Orman is calling on

  • Political parties to reimburse the state for their own primary elections if Kansas is going to continue to use closed primary elections;
  • Additional state funds to help upgrade county election equipment and provide funding to audit and inspect voting machines; and
  • A constitutional amendment to establish a nonpartisan independent redistricting commission.

Greg Orman officially launched his campaign for governor in January. He previously ran a competitive race against incumbent US Sen. Pat Roberts (R) in 2014, but fell short of a win. Now, he faces a tough race against multiple candidates running for the state's top office.

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