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Independent US Senator Says Yes on 1 to Protect Ranked Choice Voting in Maine

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Maine independent US Senator Angus King recently broke his silence on Question 1, the ballot measure that protects ranked choice voting in Maine. He says he is voting for it, adding that state politicians should respect the will of the people

“A high number of voters said this is something they want," King says, "and I don’t like the idea that we essentially voided what the voters said.”

King also says he likes the fundamental components of ranked choice voting. It offers an instant runoff: "And many states have runoffs but this is a way of doing it without all the time, trouble and money of having a separate election.”

He also likes the idea of making sure politicians are selected by a majority of voters.

Though King has mostly been silent on Question 1 until now, he also urged the legislature last June not to repeal the voter-approved ranked choice voting law, saying the decision should be left up to voters.

“To simply say well there is a constitutional problem with this so we are just going to forget it, I think they ought — my inclination would be to give the people a chance to make that decision themselves.” – US Senator Angus King (I-ME)

Primary voters in Maine will make history on June 12 when they participate in the first state and congressional elections in the country to use ranked choice voting. They will also decide the fate of the ranked choice voting law by voting for or against Question 1.

Photo retrieved from Angus King's Facebook Page

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