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Mark Cuban: Both Parties ARE the Swamp

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

There has long been speculation that US businessman Mark Cuban might run for president as an independent or third party candidate in 2020.

While there is a giant question mark over a potential presidential run, it's certainly clear that Cuban believes something needs to be done to break up the two-party duopoly:

And Cuban went on for several tweets about the need to unite as Americans and reject tribalistic politics and the two-party status quo:

As I continue to report on my column, In Full Color, there are serious efforts underway to challenge the duopoly.

Coalitions of reformers and civic action groups are forming to create a more accountable and representative political process. There are also organizations now that are providing the structural and financial foundation for independents to launch viable campaigns.

One of those organizations, Unite America, responded to Cuban to point out that what he is calling for is already in the works:

Unite America is running a historic slate of independent candidates for statewide offices across the country, as well as for state legislative races in states like Colorado and Washington state.

These campaigns are viable, they are competitive, and they are seeing success on the campaign trail.

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, for instance, is the only sitting independent governor in the US and has broad public support among his constituents.

In Colorado, the 5 members of the independent slate for state legislature outraised their Republican and Democratic opponents COMBINED.

Breaking the two-party stranglehold on our elections and the legislative process is not impossible.

Cuban is right. It will take the collective action of millions of people who are fed up with a system that puts the interests of private political parties over the will of voters.

But as Bridge Alliance Co-Director David Nevins points out, business leaders will need to step up as well.

Industry titans like Mark Cuban have the background, name recognition, and resources to help this crucial movement take on the two-party behemoths.

History is being made, and Cuban could play a big role in it. As he says, "It's time for politicians to represent their voters, rather than their parties."

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