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Did President Trump Watch Our Drug Pricing Video?

by Steven Moore, published

Last week, President Trump rolled out a plan to lower drug prices in America. Much of Trump's plan mirrors issues highlighted in IVN's coverage of drug pricing, which is summarized in this two minute video:

Coincidence? Perhaps... or perhaps not.

One of the aspects of the plan was to prohibit Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) from placing "gag order" clauses in their contracts with pharmacies.

A gag order prohibits your pharmacist from telling you of less expensive options for the high-priced medication you are buying. You might expect that your pharmacists have your best interest in mind, but according to polling, about 60% can't be fully honest with you about your medication options.

A few weeks prior to the Trump announcement, IVN had a conversation with Rep. Peter Roskam, the chair of the Health Subcommittee on the Ways and Means Committee on the harm caused by gag orders. He called them "outrageous" and said they wouldn't stand up to Congressional scrutiny.

Addressing gag orders is a component of Trump's plan.

Coincidence? Perhaps... or perhaps not.

My discussion with Roskam is part of my focused coverage on health care pricing, which is often reduced to a simple “government v. the drug companies” narrative by the left and the right. Fact is, drug pricing is complex, just like most public policy. That’s why I started off my coverage with a simple video addressing 6 drug pricing myths. And that’s why I’m going to continue covering these myths in more detail. Even if Trump beats me to the policy punch.

By the way, if you think you are a health care policy hot shot, or if you think my coverage sucks, or if you just want to see your name in dancing electrons across the internet, send me an article at [email protected] and I’ll post it … so long as you follow the simple IVN Etiquette and take some pride in editorial standards. Sorry, no emojis Image result for sad face emojiand plz write w/o txt speak.

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