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CA NPP Candidate Kahle: Nonpartisan Primaries Are Great For Our Broken System

by Jeff Powers, published

The race for the 50th Congressional District in San Diego, California has been a page-turning, headline-grabbing feast for observers.

The Incumbent has been caught up in an FBI investigation, another candidate was revealed as the grandson of Munich Massacre Terrorist Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar and former San Diego City Councilman Carl Demaio announced he would run for the seat, then backed out at the last minute.

Staying out of that partisan fight is No Party Preference candidate Richard Kahle.

The Independent Candidate

Amidst all of that two-party dysfunction, is NPP candidate Richard Kahle.

Like all independents, Kahle is not beholden to the establishment, so he is "free" to choose what many voters consider common sense solutions for solving our nation's problems.

Kahle is a former Army veteran who recently served in Afghanistan and Korea. Kahle says his views on issues like gun control and the federal deficit have been shaped not by political talking points or party leaders, but rather from his experiences on the battlefield and in the business community crafting sensible economic solutions.

Kahle appears free from the outside influence of lobbyists, corporations, and special interests.

Check out our interview:

Kahle on California's Nonpartisan Primary

"We have an opportunity here in California because of the top two system. And so if we just vote for an independent in the primary, vote your heart, vote your conscience, vote what you really believe in, and if you vote for me in the primary, man do I have a good shot to win the November General election against any democrat or any republican and the reason for that is because there is no single party that has a majority of registered voters, so as you come in as a moderate independent, you have most of the voters on your side already."

Kahle on Immigration

"The key to this immigration issue is getting ICE on the same side as local immigration authorities and that means we have to be focused on the 4 categories that matter most. Those are felons, gang members, national security threats and then those 900,000 court immigration final order of removals. From that I would expect you would not be supportive of SB 54? That's correct I support San Marcos, Escondido and San Diego Counties adding to the lawsuit."

Kahle on Guns

Army Vet Richard Kahle has much to say about gun violence and shares his views on eliminating bump stocks and automatic weapons.

"So obviously bump stocks and anything that makes a weapon an automatic weapon have to be banned. Improve the national instant background checks or a firearm or transfer a firearm except for if you're giving a gun to your son, grandson or spouse as long as they are not part of those categories."

Kahle on Keeping Social Security Solvent

"So if you look at my plan on my website, you'll see over 400 billion deficit reductions, with Social Security we propose two things that solves social security for all future retirees, those are, lift the social security payroll income tax cap above any income above a quarter million dollars, and then very slowly one month every two years, increase that full retirement age. And those two things actually solve the social security trust fund."

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