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SoccerCity Blows The Whistle on SDSU West with New Ad Campaign

by Jeff Powers, published

Last week, Attorney Michael Attanasio and those representing the SoccerCity initiative, filed a lawsuit to toss out the SDSU West initiative on the grounds it violates state law. Attanasio said, “Public university names are the property of the state and its citizens, and this law was specifically intended to prevent their exploitation by private business interests.”

Now, SoccerCity is once again turning up the heat on the "Friends of SDSU" and "SDSU West" with a new ad campaign that is strikingly similar to those mac/pc commercials from years back.

The ad starts out with a SoccerCity representative (mac) in blue asking the older gentleman who represents SDSU West (PC) a question.  The SoccerCity rep asks  "who are you?"  the SDSU West rep responds... "I'm a developer, I'm just borrowing the name [SDSU]."  The goal appears to be to brand the SDSU plan as developer driven.

Here's one of the ad's that will start running on television this week:


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IVNSD is working to get comment from both sides and will update this story when we have responses.

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