Young, Scrappy, and Hungry: More Independents Take On Two-Party Duopoly

Created: 23 April, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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Welcome to our weekly post, Independent Action, where we let you know the important moves independent candidates and organizations made over the past week.

Nathan Altmana 30-year old “scrappy entrepreneur who’s built a career on being a maker and builder of things,” has entered the race for U.S. Senate for Indiana. He’s been featured quite a bit this past week through organizations and publications such as Unite America and the Indianapolis Business Journal.

During his interview with the Indianapolis Business Journal, Altman stated he “doesn’t fit the mold” of the two-party system, a sentiment held and voiced by many independent candidates. You can read the full interview with IBJ here.

Via Altman’s website, he touches on why he is running as an independent, and well, it’s quite simple. “I’m running as an independent because, well, I AM an independent. Neither political party owns my vote.”

Altman is looking to be endorsed by Unite America, as they have him listed as a candidate who is “On the Radar.” We’ll keep you updated on how his campaign progresses as we inch closer and closer to election season.


Neal Simon, an independent candidate running for U.S. Senate in Maryland, released his fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2018. Interestingly enough, Simon outdid his competition by quite a large margin and through a much different demographic.

According to Simon’s press release, “During the first quarter of 2018, Neal Simon received more than $625,000 in total receipts and has $465,000 cash on hand. By comparison, incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin raised $336,156.12 ($157,906 from individuals, $178,250 from PACs) during the same period.”

Simon stated that he was “overwhelmed by the tremendous response from the people of Maryland who are sick and tired of the bickering and partisanship of career politicians that has stopped progress.”

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He went on, saying, “While they (the two-party politicians) do nothing, sitting with their feet up and seemingly unaware or conveniently forgetful of their obligations and duty to our people and our great state, our country sits stagnant and Marylanders suffer. Marylanders want new, fresh leadership that is focused on bringing people together and helping them get ahead, not on manufacturing crises that divide our country.”


Paul Hamlin, an independent candidate for the House of Representatives in New Jersey (District 1), turned in his ballot petition and it was accepted. Hamlin continues to push his message that it’s #timeforachange.

Unite America added to their ticket last week by endorsing Adrienne Craver. Ms. Craver is running for the Maryland House of Delegates in Legislative District 14. She’s as Maryland as they come, growing up in College Park, Maryland and attending the University of Maryland. Some of the issues she’s focused on, according to her website, are:

  • Gerrymandering reform
  • Ensuring teachers have the resources they need and proper class sizes increasing the opportunity for maternity/paternity leave, and protecting the environment/support of renewable energy
  • Fiscal responsibility by the government
  • Increasing the opportunity for maternity/paternity leave
  • Helping former inmates find employment once their sentence is served
  • Protecting the environment and support of renewable energy

Ones to Watch For:

Noah Dyer, an independent candidate running for Governor of Arizona.

Joe Zwier, an independent candidate running for Wisconsin State Senate (WI-05).

Nick Thomas, an independent candidate running in Colorado’s 2nd congressional district.

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Kevin Kensinger, an independent candidate running in California’s 48th congressional district.

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