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The Catharsis of 'Roseanne' Is Nothing New For Independents

by Jeff Powers, published

People over Parties.

It's the DNA of independents.

The freedom and liberty to choose the candidate or initiative we think is best for the country has always been the hallmark of who we are.

Independents have been working for years to elevate our national political conversation that better educates and serves our country, not two political corporations.

FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN are working hard to keep the point/counterpoint, two-party conversation alive, it's likely the success of 'Roseanne' will not be highlighted in an industry that thrives on negativity.

Coins in the Cushions

This brilliantly timed new 'Roseanne' captures not the diviseness of the GOP and Democratic parties, but rather, the inspiring and consistent independent spirit of the country.

In its destructive two-party narrative, the mainstream media has couched the show as supporting a blue or red paradigm, but with every passing day we're finding fewer and fewer coins in those cushions.

'Roseanne' is about the value of listening to each other, ingesting another point of view, and turning that interaction into an inherently more civilized society.

Conflict Resolution

"The idea that people can agree to disagree is kind of missing from everything." ~Roseanne Barr

Clearly Hollywood needed evidence that an enormous course correction was needed. Sagging ticket sales and the lowest show ratings of all-time didn't seem to be impacting executives decisions.

Enter 'Roseanne.'

Her independent comedy just gave Hollywood 18 million examples for what Americans want.

Can you imagine, the ability to laugh again at political humor!

To actually have a conversation about what's happening in this country without screaming at each other.

Are you listening Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers?

In an interview with George Stephanopoulus on ABC's Good Morning America, Roseanne talked about fixing this broken democracy, "What we need to do as a country is figure out what we don't like, talk to each other, and figure out how we're going to get it changed or fixed."  She continued, "I really hope it opens up a civil conversation between people instead of just mudslinging, I really do, cause I think we need to be more civilized than that."

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