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Maine State Treasurer To Run For Governor As Independent

by Lindsay France, published

Maine’s first independent filed signatures with the Secretary of State’s Office on  Monday to qualify for the November election as the only independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor in 2018. Terry Hayes submitted signatures from all 16 counties two months ahead of the June 1stdeadline.

“I’m proud to give Maine voters the choice to vote for an experienced, independent, and courageous woman to lead as Maine’s next Governor,” said Hayes. “I am grateful to the thousands of Mainers who’ve circulated and signed petitions, and who’ve made $5 contributions to help us qualify for Clean Elections.”

Making History

Treasurer Hayes is also seeking to qualify for Clean Elections by the deadline of 5 pm on Monday, April 2nd. Hayes will be only the second independent candidate for Governor to qualify for Clean Elections since the program was approved by voters in 1996 and the first to qualify since voters changed the program in 2015.  

According to a press release from her office, Hayes says that as the state's only independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor, she offers people the choice to vote for a leader who they can trust to choose Maine people over partisanship because she’s beholden to donors.

“Maine can’t afford four more years of divisive partisanship,” added Hayes. “I’m running for Governor to be part of the solution and give voters a different choice — the opportunity to unite Maine, fix the broken parts of our system, and lead our state in a bold new direction.”

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