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CA Sec. of State Voter Guide: Treasurer Candidate Statements

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 20 March, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
5 min read

California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla has released the 2018 Voter Guide. The guide contains all relevant information related to the various propositions and candidate races voters will be asked to weigh in on this June.

This article will focus on the race for Treasurer and publish the statements that have been provided to the Secretary of State’s office.

Jack M. Guerrero | REPUBLICAN

Jack Guerrero brings a unique combination of public and private sector experience, with a quintessential American story. Jack’s experience as Mayor, City Councilmember, Certified Public Accountant, Stanford and Harvard University graduate, Bank Vice President, Treasury professional, auditor of municipalities and government agencies, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies (in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Zurich) —establishes him as the candidate with both Treasury experience and public service record of fighting for taxpayers and working people. Jack is unafraid to challenge the status quo. As Mayor of his hometown, Jack worked with the California State Controller to expose millions of dollars in wasteful and unlawful spending. As a former pension auditor and one-time university lecturer in statistics, Jack understands the severity of the state’s unfunded pension liability which at nearly $500 billion, threatens the long-term financial stability of the state! Jack will expose this mismanagement by reckless politicians. Jack will safeguard state assets and advocate for policies that place citizens first, including lower taxes, smaller government, and a prosperous California economy. Jack is the son of hard-working Mexican immigrant parents—farmworkers and later, factory workers who settled in Los Angeles. Jack was raised in a troubled neighborhood, surrounded by poverty, gangs, and decrepit public schools—a challenging experience which shaped Jack’s political views and charitable activities. Jack serves on numerous public agency and non-profit Boards and is active in scholarship and university recruitment efforts in underprivileged communities. www.jack4treasurer.com

Greg Conlon | REPUBLICAN

California needs a Republican who can exercise prudent fiscal responsibility to fix the State’s vulnerable financial condition. The generous pensions granted public employees over the years has caused irresponsible unfunded pension liability and an unfunded health care liability to future retirees. California’s Treasurer serves on both State Pension Plan Boards—PEERS and STERS. I will bring my private and public sector experience and reputation “to get the job done” to my service on these Boards. In my private sector career as a CPA and consultant I have improved financial controls and conducted financial audits of Fortune 500 companies. As President of the California Public Utilities Commission I led efforts to bring competitive practices to California’s utility industry and compel public utilities to install four times more renewable energy generation than any other state. During my service on the California Transportation Commission I worked to have repaired most bridges and overpasses in the State. Locally l have chaired the Atherton Finance Committee, keeping the Town’s budget balanced. I served three years as an Air Force officer and pilot. I hold a J. D. Law Degree from the University of San Francisco, an Executive Education Program Degree at Haas School of Business and hold a bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Utah. I have received numerous Republican endorsements including the San Mateo County Republican Party, the San Francisco Regional Vice Chair of the State Republican Party and many others.


I favor promoting and strengthening socially-owned economic units like cooperatives and credit unions, municipal utilities, public roads and transit. A publicly-owned State Bank would save enormous sums for the people. To me, socialism means democratic control and social ownership of our economy. To win it, we must break the billionaires’ economic and political power.

Vivek Viswanathan | DEMOCRATIC

Vivek Viswanathan is the most qualified candidate and a true progressive running without big money influence. (1) Special Advisor in the Office of Governor Jerry Brown. Managed key projects on job creation, infrastructure, health care and climate change. (2) Policy Advisor to Hillary Clinton. Developed the Democratic Party’s plan to eliminate tuition at public colleges and universities, cut student debt for millions of borrowers across the country, and expand consumer protections against predatory lending. (3) MBA and law degree from Stanford University. Graduated with highest honors from Harvard University. (4) Rejecting all corporate, PAC, and special interest money—so the next Treasurer only serves the people. 10 progressive ideas for California at www.vivekforca.com/platform. Join the fight for California’s future. Join Vivek.


My name is Fiona Ma. I have been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1992. I stand for greater transparency, checks & balances and accountability. That’s why I led the major overhaul to restore trust in the State Board of Equalization. I have balanced budgets at the local level, at the state level during the Great Recession, and have overseen the collection of $60 billion in state revenues. As a CPA with experience in tax law and in balancing budgets I am qualified to serve as State Treasurer from Day 1 and will be able to manage California’s investments with full accountability and transparency. I will create a robust first-time homebuyer program to make housing more accessible to all Californians. I will work to alleviate high student loan debt. I was born with a preexisting health condition and personally understand the urgent need for quality, accessible and affordable healthcare. Because my husband is a firefighter I know firsthand how important it is to invest in our first responders. As State Treasurer, I will oversee investments in affordable housing, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, environmental protection and transportation. Most importantly I will continue to safeguard our tax dollars, invest wisely to ensure positive returns and make sure government works with accountability and transparency. I’m proud to have the support of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, the California Teachers Association, California Professional Firefighters and California Small Business Association. I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you for your consideration.