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CA Sec. of State Voter Guide: Attorney General Candidate Statements

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 20 March, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
5 min read

California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla has released the 2018 Voter Guide. The guide contains all relevant information related to the various propositions and candidate races voters will be asked to weigh in on this June.

This article will focus on the race for Attorney General and publish the statements that have been provided to the Secretary of State’s office.


Sacramento needs a serious and major change. I am a father, businessman and attorney, not a career politician. I own a law firm (voted as one of the best in the nation). I am the only person in this race who meets payroll for many people every two weeks. For 25 years, I have fought in courts throughout California and the nation for my clients—protecting people against fraudsters trying to steal their homes, and representing individuals and businesses big and small in legal battles. I now want to fight for you like I fight for my clients. I care deeply about California’s citizens. Years of one-party rule in Sacramento have led to madness. When elected, I will fight: (1) to protect you against the ongoing early release of violent felons from our prisons that endanger public safety; (2) the endless increase in taxes, including the gas and vehicle taxes; (3) to be a strong supporter of law enforcement; (4) to prevent the endless flood of illegal immigration; and (5) to support California’s hardworking people and job creators. I have received the endorsements of many prominent people, including former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, State Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates and President Reagan’s Secretary of State George Shultz. California needs a new voice in Sacramento. I can be that voice. I need your support and would be honored to receive your vote. Together, we can start bringing California back to greatness. www.ericearly.com


Dave Jones, a proven statewide law enforcement leader, is extremely well-qualified to serve as our next Attorney General. As Insurance Commissioner, Jones leads law enforcement officers who investigate insurance crimes, including corrupt CEOs and public officials. Over 7,500 have been convicted under Jones’ leadership. Jones is a strong consumer advocate. He has saved California consumers over $3.1 billion by rejecting unfair insurance rate increases and fighting insurance companies. Dave Jones implemented healthcare reform, expanding healthcare access. He made sure insurers paid claims of Californians devastated by wildfires. Jones successfully sued drug companies for fraud. Jones was named California’s “Most Effective Legislator.” He secured billions for safety-net hospital care, protected seniors from financial abuse, and created one of the nation’s largest early childhood education programs. At the United States Department of Justice, Jones served as a senior advisor to United States Attorney General Janet Reno, who led the nation’s largest law enforcement agency. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Jones refused to work for high paying corporate law firms and instead served as a legal aid attorney, providing free legal representation to the poor. He was named one of “California’s Top 100 Lawyers” and “Consumer Champion.” Dave Jones is independent. He refuses to take contributions from the insurance, oil, bail, and tobacco industries. Dave Jones is the only endorsed candidate by the California Federation of Teachers and Consumer Federation of California. Jones is also the only endorsed candidate by the National Organization for Women (NOW), California. For more information, go to: www.DaveJones2018.com

Xavier Becerra | DEMOCRATIC

As your Attorney General and chief law enforcement officer, I’m fighting—and winning— for Californians and our values. I’m taking on the Trump Administration, sex traffickers, the NRA, Big Oil and Big Banks. I’m prosecuting violent street gangs, polluters and predatory for-profit colleges that are stealing from our students. As a life-long advocate for single-payer health care, I went to court to defend Obamacare because I believe that health care is a right. I sued Trump—and won—to stop him from gutting our air quality protections and to block his efforts to restrict women’s access to birth control. I’ve fought and won to protect the Dreamers—immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children. I fight these battles for Californians as the son of immigrants, the first in my family to graduate from a university, because all Californians deserve a chance to succeed. After law school, I worked as a legal aid attorney representing the mentally ill and then served as a Deputy Attorney General in the office that I now lead. I then went to Congress to lead the fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. I’ve been fighting for California values all my life and I will never back down whether it’s Big Oil, the NRA, or the Trump Administration. Some people talk about what they will do, as Attorney General, I’m doing it. I’d be honored to have your vote.

Steven C. Bailey | REPUBLICAN

As a retired Judge of the California Superior Court, I will put the safety of citizens over the comfort of criminals. My top priorities will be to restore the rule of law and stop the elimination of bail, the Sanctuary State charade, and the soft-on-crime “get-out-of jail free card” policies endangering our communities. I have witnessed the impact of failing to enforce our laws under the Constitution. Mike Reynolds, author of Three Strikes Law, plus multiple law enforcement officials and associations have endorsed me because they know my proven record of standing on the side of public safety and the rule of law. You can count on me to vigorously prosecute violent criminals and human traffickers and put a stop to the yearly increases of violent crime in our state. I will protect California families, our children and grandchildren, and will have the backs of our First Responders to keep Californians safe. Thank you.