Republican State Senator Drops Party to Run on Independent Ticket

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Created: 07 March, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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Independent Kansas gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman announced Tuesday that State Sen. John Doll of Garden City will join his independent ticket for governor.

Doll also announced that he will switch his voter registration from Republican to independent, and has notified the Senate Republican Leadership of his decision to leave the party.

“I'm running with Greg Orman because I believe he is the best possible Governor that Kansas could have,” said Doll. “He places the people first, he’s not about party politics and the only master he will serve is the people of the state of Kansas.”


John Doll is a former two-term city commissioner and mayor for Garden City. He also served two terms in the state House for District 123 and was elected to represent Senate District 39 in 2016, which includes 10 counties in southwest Kansas.

“John Doll is a true son of Southwest Kansas. His dedication to the people and communities he’s served over the last 30 years is a testament to his deep roots there,” said Greg Orman. “While John and I won’t agree on every issue, we’ll work together to find the best ideas regardless of where they come from to address this state’s most challenging issues.”

The Orman campaign released the following video on the same day of its announcement:

Orman officially launched his independent campaign for governor on January 24. He has since released his platform and joined the first national slate of independent candidates for Unite America (previously The Centrist Project).

The independent ticket will need to garner 5,000 valid signatures by August 6 to qualify for the general election ballot. The campaign says it will begin the ballot petition process within the next few weeks.

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