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As Two-Party Politics Collapses, A New Party Forms to Unite Independents

by Steve Kerbel, published

How can a party unite the independent majority and defeat the Republicans and the Democrats?

For decades, American voters have pretty much known about the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. As a matter of fact, those parties are believed by many to be the only ones.

During the last several years, tens of millions of people disillusioned with these establishment parties have felt like they are not represented. They feel as if they have no voice at all, and they have turned away from voting.

According to the last Gallup poll, 42% of Americans now identify as independent, as opposed to 29% Democrat and 26% Republican. This phenomenon, while perplexing to the people in power, is a very good thing for the American people. It shows that they have had enough of the establishment, and their propensity to govern in their own best interest instead of representing the desires of their constituents.

The result of this control by the Democrats and Republicans is a bloated federal government that is best at taking the income of hard working people and spending it on whatever they want to -- usually on something that benefits them in some way, shape, or form.

Independent voters are unhappy with the status quo. But so far, it has been impossible to stand up against these behemoth parties due to the strength of their organizations. Independent voters have not had the organization to stand up to the parties in control… until now.

A new political party was born on February 27, 2018. That party, the “United Independents Party,” was created to build a platform for independent voters to stand up against these parties in control.

If this new party is successful in uniting independent voters, it will create an organized group of people that will dwarf the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Essentially, it is the people standing together to fight back.

The platform of the United Independents Party is simple. It is a “back to basics” platform based in simplicity, common sense, and reverting to the proper role of government according to the people who started this country.

Government is supposed to be the solution to a problem. People chip in for a group of people to handle what is impractical to handle on their own.

Infrastructure, national defense, conflict resolution, etc., are examples of what government was created to address. Somehow, this grew to an all-encompassing group of ultra-powerful entities that want to monitor and control everyone, and everything we do… and take a piece of the action in every activity of our lives.

Building and maintaining a road is one thing, but building an entity that ignores the protections for the people that are outlined in the constitution with the motivation of growing its size, scope, power, and revenue is a product of Republican and Democratic control.

The platform is simple, welcoming to all, and based in common sense and the purpose that this nation was founded on in the first place.

Will every independent voter agree with every plank in the platform? Of course not.

After all, we are not only independent of the Republicans and the Democrats… we are independent thinkers as well.

But the pure simplicity and common sense nature should be enough for most people to embrace at least 80% of the platform. That is enough to get the people to unite to get these old parties out of the presumptive leadership roles they have occupied for over 100 years, and give the people that have been cast aside a real voice that they have been lacking for far too long.

The longer our voices are not heard, the more voter participation will continue to decline, as more and more people are disenfranchised with our candidates and their actions.

Our current president was elected by only 27% of eligible voters. The independents of this country are over 42% all by ourselves. Think about that for a moment. Let’s harness the power of the independents and get this country on the right track.

The United Independents Party has a strategic plan based in the foundation of uniting this silent majority. With you, the people still have a chance. Without you, the Republicans and Democrats will continue to lead this country down a road that has reversed the hope of each generation to be better off than the previous one.

We encourage you to visit our website at and see how you like us.

There is room for you with the majority of Americans that want to live their lives in peace and build real prosperity for themselves in this challenging world, but have been blocked by Republican and Democratic policies and actions.

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