Republican Duel? Carl DeMaio May Challenge Duncan Hunter in CA-50

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 20 February, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
1 min read

Former San Diego City Councilman turned radio talk show host Carl DeMaio, tells IVN San Diego he  is seriously considering a run for the 50th Congressional District.

A statement was provided to IVN San Diego from DeMaio: “I appreciate all the San Diegans who have reached out to me to encourage me to run for Congress. If we want better results from government, we must first start by fixing Congress and holding them accountable when they violate the public’s trust. I expect to make a decision in the next week.”

The filing deadline for Congressional candidates in California is March 9.

That seat is currently occupied by Republican Duncan D. Hunter, who is facing a mountain of legal bills related to his conduct while in office.  And now it appears Hunter's wife is also the target of a campaign finance probe.

According to Federal Elections Commission data, Hunter spent $535,000 in legal fees out of his campaign account in 2017. In that same time period and into that same account, Hunter raised $461,000.

DeMaio is currently a radio talk show host for KOGO AM-600 where he has used the public pulpit to fight the California Gas Tax among other causes. DeMaio recently said, “If you eliminate the massive taxes and fees imposed by the politicians on California’s gas, filling up for $1.99 should happen every day."

Just a month ago KOGO announced DeMaio and the station had reached a deal to extend his agreement.

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