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UNRIG the SYSTEM: 4 Unique Perspectives on Improving Our Political Discourse

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 02 February, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
2 min read

One of the panel events at this years Unrig The System Summit, brought together leaders from different political points of view. From transparency in government, to voting rights, to an a deep dive into IVN and the connections of business and politics, the Spark Talks offered attendees valuable insights into what some of the leading political organizations from across the county are thinking as we head into the 2018 election season.

Zoe Reiter, Transparency International Senior Project Leader

"System rigging is now a global enterprise. Open government is much more than just transparency. An open government is a better government because it is more able to respond to citizens, to their social needs, and in particular to the needs of the most vulnerable. The poorest people are also those who find themselves furthest away from government and political decisions. Consequently, we believe that open, transparent and  inclusive governments are better equipped to deal with the great challenges mentioned above: insecurity, inequality and securing fundamental rights."

Shaneice Simmons, Civic Engagement Manger, Rock the Vote

"You have to vote in the upcoming election. So much is on the line. From healthcare, to criminal justice, from lgbtq rights, and our fundamental right to vote. When we come together across race, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds, big things can be accomplished. At rock the vote we work hard to empower our communities. When we were founded 25 years ago, rock the vote has been revolutionizing the way we communicate with voters."

Juan Hernandez, IVC Digital Director

"The political climate at the time IVN was created, was divisive and two-sided, and to this day, unfortunately, not much has changed. IVN's mission is to elevate the civil discourse to a level where solutions are more attractive than your traditional partisan talking points."

"We live in a two-party system where 42% of the electorate considers themselves independent. It's time our political system reflects that majority and respects those voters. IVN's goal is to change the conversation where our politics are more inclusive, not exclusive."

Sarah Bonk, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer DisruptDC

"We can talk a lot about pay to play politics in America, let's face it, we need real reforms to our political system. Business leaders really care about our system of government, it's better, no question about it, when governments are working in a responsible manner.  For business leaders, the future of our country depends on a stable and responsible system of government. The common ground between business and politics is extensive and imperative for our country's future. I hope you'll join me in holding politicians and business leaders accountable as we work for a better tomorrow."