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Our Divisive Politics Are Destroying the Memory of Dr. King

Created: 16 January, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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One of the most influential individuals to set foot in this country was overshadowed yesterday. MLK Day was just another day of nonsense in the media; you can probably guess the hot topic.

Trump, Trump, and hey, why don’t we throw in a little more Trump to mix things up a bit?

Absolutely disgusting.

A Baptist minister by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, a dream heard nationwide, a dream that influenced, and continues to influence, many people on the subject of racial equality. America officially has one day set aside to honor this man and his infamous speeches that preached togetherness. On MLK Day in 2018, togetherness was nowhere to be found.

The focus boiled down to one thing and one thing only: President Trump’s “s***hole countries” comment. His comment should not be overlooked, as these types of comments should never be accepted in our country. However, we must ask ourselves: Did we focus too much on a single sentence on a day set aside for focusing on so much more?

Hell yes we did. Don’t believe so? Let’s go over a few examples.






It’s pathetic to see a day meant to remember and rejoice the man who was the epitome of civil rights activism turned into a battle of tweets and misdirected articles from partisan sources.

If MLK would’ve been able to tweet yesterday, in the midst of this mess, he might say something like this:

Now that’s a tweet that would be trending, and rightfully so.

What do we hope you gain from this? An understanding of what really matters. An understanding that this man died for the people of this country. That this man put everything on the line to progress this nation and not push it back.

What did we do yesterday? We focused on our divisions rather than promoting MLK’s message of progression and togetherness. We should all be ashamed. Let’s make 2018 a focus of bringing this country back together, not a focus of furthering the divide.

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