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Rand Paul: "The Problem Isn't Marijuana; The Problem is Prescription Opioids"

Author: IVN News
Created: 08 January, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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Source: Rand Paul's YouTube Channel

US Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) discussed a number of issues when he appeared on Laura Ingraham's radio show Friday, including DACA, immigration, infrastructure and more. However, one of the longer discussions was on Jeff Session's actions on marijuana enforcement and the growing trend of legalization among individual states.

Rand Paul said that now that individual states are taking it upon themselves to end prohibition in one way or another, the federal government should remove the current prohibition on marijuana and let the states decide. He also noted that the problem when it comes to the drug crisis in the United States is not marijuana, but prescription opioids.

Photo Credit: Rich Koele / shutterstock.com