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Roughly 25% of Americans Can't Name One Person in Two-Party Duopoly They Admire

Created: 27 December, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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Gallup released its annual poll of most admired men and women of the year. Most of the headlines point to the results as another year both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were named the most admired man and woman among Americans.

The results are interesting considering 2017 was also the year Hillary dropped to her lowest favorability rating.

A closer look at the poll shows that Obama edged President Trump by 3 points, 17-14. Hillary Clinton only got 9 percent of the responses for most admired woman, followed closely by Michelle Obama.

Gallup also reports that a quarter of respondents didn't name anyone they admire most, while 9 percent named a friend or family member.

In many ways, this poll represents the American election system well. The two people we are stuck with were selected by a minority of respondents, while a larger percentage of respondents refused to answer because they don't have someone they are satisfied with.

Fairly spot on comparison, if you ask me.