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RNC Member Applauded for "Standing Up to Party Bosses" on Roy Moore

by IVN News, published

RNC Committeewoman Joyce Simmons of Nebraska resigned her position with the party in protest of its continued financial support of Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Moore is facing multiple sexual assault accusations from women who said he pursued them when they were just teenagers and he was in his 30s.

Independent Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist applauded Simmons for "standing up to party bosses."

“Thanks to Joyce Simmons for standing up to the GOP Party Bosses," says Krist.

"In case you missed it, she resigned today from her post as Nebraska GOP National Committeewoman in protest of the committee's financial support for Roy Moore. Government should represent ‘We, the people’ - not the Party Bosses or those who can buy access to power. Principle over partisanship.”

All eyes will be on Alabama tomorrow to see who will win the special election for US Senate, Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones.

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